David Ross Wood

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Horns of the Minotaur

In an attempt to halt the rapidly escalating attacks on Minotaur Resource assets, the CEO of the company, George Pollard, instructs his Operations Manager to organise a strike force to work for Minotaur and deal with threats to company assets. He contacts Captain Thomas Ritter who has recently served in Afghanistan, to lead the team.

Ritter takes up the challenge and with the assistance of Major Peter Cornish, puts together a team of ex-military from around the world.

Ritter and Cornish must mold the individual soldiers into a team, men who carry both the emotional and physical scars of the warrior. It is not long before their mettle is tested when a Minotaur Resources oil platform off the Falkland Islands is threatened by a force of Argentine Marines.

In a battle for their very lives, the team achieves its mission and returns to London but is soon presented with another serious threat to the companies assets. Somali pirates have hijacked a Minotaur owned supertanker, holding the ship to ransom for five million dollars. The team is ordered to re-take the ship and release its hostages but the mission does not go exactly to plan and they find themselves in a fight for their lives in an attempt to complete their objective.

From Afghanistan to the South Atlantic, from Northern Ireland to Somalia, Horns of the Minotaur is a novel that takes the reader into a world of corporate intrigue, non-stop action and thrills that the reader will find hard to put down.

Voted Top Ten Books of 2015

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Kneel to the Fallen

The War Boys are back! After rescuing a hostage in the jungle covered mountains of Myanmar, Thomas Ritter and his men are targeted by a ruthless Burmese drug lord.  Things become personal as the War Boys and their employer George Pollard are pursued for bloody revenge on the streets of London.

The hunters become the hunted in this thrilling, action packed adventure as Ritter and the War Boys fight back in a action packed battle to the death.

Following on from the explosive first novel, Horns of the Minotaur, Kneel to the Fallen is the second of the War Boys novels by David Ross Wood and is a real page turner that will thrill and excite. 

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The Time Tunnellers

An ancient treasure is washed up on a distant land and remains hidden for centuries in a secret cave. Three brothers and their little sister discover the mysterious object and are accidentally hurled through time to an exciting and dangerous period in history.

In order to return home The Time Tunnellers must discover the secret of their treasure while fighting off those who mean them harm. Across their incredible journey the children battle an evil wizard, a menacing giant and follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest conquerors of all time; Alexander the Great.

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Time Tunnellers Swords of the Samurai

The Time Tunnellers are back! Transported through the ages the Time Tunnellers find themselves in Feudal Japan where they meet one of the greatest samurai’s of all time, the Legend Miyamoto Musashi. The children must accompany the samurai across Japan as the mighty warrior takes on all challengers in one deadly duel after the other. Musashi tells the children that he may well know of someone who can solve the mystery of how to get back home but first they must all fight to stay alive as they are pursued across Japan by bandits and evil ninja. Time Tunnellers: Swords of the Samurai is a fast paced adventure for teens and adults alike written by action writer David Ross Wood.